A Little Bird in the Cold

Cindy Brock - A Little Bird in the SnowIt’s 19 degrees here today in the North Georgia Mountains.   While it is winter, this is the time of year where our temperatures bounce all around – from in the teens to the low 60’s.  It makes for a rather interesting time trying to pick a wardrobe.

As I was coming back from lunch today, while the cold air was blowing, there was a bird perched on top of a hedge.  I was just awestruck that this little bird was out braving the elements with only his little coat of fur. My first inclination was to pick him up and take him into the office.  (You know me and animals.)  But I just let him be.

Seeing that little bird made me think of two things:

1. How lucky we are to live in a world with little birds.  They flit about, chirping, showing us that there is still some peace to be found in a rather rugged existence.

2. How small my problems really are.  If this little bird – sitting in the cold – can tough out the harsh weather, then I can certainly suck it up and get past the little things (like my house not being spotless clean) that seem to bother me.

If you really turn inward, you can find that things are never as they seem and what you haven’t seen will have a major impact.

What little bird are you not seeing in your world?

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