My “Brand Your Passions” Journey


I created this blog so that I could keep track of the journey I’m embarking on in changing my life.  I like to keep things short and to the point, so there won’t be a lot of detail – mostly highlights and takeaways.


I went to the conference at the suggestion of Cindy Bidar who works on Carolin’s team.  For years she has heard me talk about something I wanted to do, but had done nothing.  She felt I needed to hear what Carolin and the team had to say.  Honestly, I wasn’t sure how it would/might help, but I needed a vacation.


I had my “ah ha” moment in the morning on day 1.  My issues for not moving forward with something I have talked about for years were/are simple:

  • I always had an EXCUSE for my inaction
  • I had no boundaries allowing others to SUCK THE LIFE OUT OF ME

BYP Program

I knew the cost of the program going to the conference, and never thought it was something for me.  By Saturday afternoon I really had to consider the possibility of being involved.  I thought about it on Saturday night, and Sunday made the decision to take the plunge.

Note: Sunday night the massacre in Las Vegas happened.

Princess Victoria

Like so many others staying focused can be a major factor for me.  In the movie, “Up,” the dog had an attention span that was easily diverted by a squirrel.  Thus, the phrase, “squirrel” has become a cultural term to indicate something has deverted your attention.  I decided I needed a squirrel to help me keep my attention.  Thus, Princess Victoria.

The Journey

And off we go.  Click on any link for more information.