Lesson 3 – How do I conduct research on my potential clients?

Oh boy.  Market research.  Well, that’s a little hard to do when you don’t have a Facebook group, a business page, or a “tribe.”

I did an initial search on Facebook for technical writing groups.  There were only two types: those out of the country (primarily India), and those associated with college courses.

So, that left me one place to check: Linked In.  This is where most of the technical writers I know will “hang out.”  I posted this on the LinkedIn timeline.

I got ZERO responses.  Not a single person.

I began dinking around with my profile and came across a link to a group I apparently belong to.  (I have not used LinkedIn very much because I never needed to so who knows when I joined this group.)  It is for technical writers and has over 23,000 in the group!  SAY WHAT?

I looked at the posting requirements about whether or not I could add something about my need to gather some information.  While it didn’t say no or yes, I wrote to the group owner. I told him what I wanted to do and he was quite enthusiastic about this.  He asked that I send him the text for the post, and share the results with the group.  HOLY CRAP!

As of today, Wednesday, 10/11, I am working on this.  (I have been swamped at work.)