Lesson 4 – What is my brand?

While lesson 3 was still in progress, I moved on to lesson 4.


I knew this was coming and it’s not something you can do in a week.  For starters, I had a minor face surgery last week and cannot wear makeup until the would has healed.  Next, I have to find a photographer who has experience taking these types of photos.  I got recommendations from a few people and am in the process of contacting and then interviewing candidates.  *IN PROGRESS*


OMG.  I knew this would kill me.  In fact, this was my #1 hestitation about signing up for BYP.  I HATE stuff like this.  But Cindy Bidar and Amy Carillo both said a logo is not important pointing out that Carolin doesn’t have a logo per se – and she doesn’t.  I’m trying to follow what’s in the workbook and it’s frustrating the crap out of me.  ARGH!  I looked at Carolin’s BYP main page and it really doesn’t have a logo: it’s centered around her which makes sense because she’s a personal coach of sorts.  My coaching is technical in nature and will not be based upon me but on the type of coaching.

Brand Board

Well, now I’m not sure what to do.  I found colors I like, but I have to find a photo and then pick my colors to correspond with that photo.  Day 2 of trying to figure this out.