Lesson 5 – My coaching package, pricing and sales page

This was both an easy and extremely hard lesson.

It was easy because I had 85% of my program outline already done.  I have had it done for years (and just never moved forward with it).  I felt really good about it.

It was extremely hard to write the sales page.  This is completely ridiculous because I’m a writer.  However, Cindy Bidar pointed out that copyrighting is different than technical writing (and this is why I’m a technical writer).

I spent 9 hours working on it.  I had all the content, I simply had to reorganize it to fit into the template we are supposed to follow.  I am typically someone who works and works and spins my spins my wheels and then finally has an “ah ha” moment.  That’s what happened hear and once I had a clue what I needed to do, it went pretty fast.

Cari – another BYP’er – who was quite a bit father along in the program and I was agreed to review my sales page.