Perfect Example Where Decluttering Your Home Uncovers a Gem to Sell on Amazon

In my ongoing battle to deal with my clutter (and, yes: even I have a clutter monster to always try and tame), I noticed I had two printers – both of which had been sitting around for at least 2-3 years.  The only reason I stopped using these printers is because I could not get them to work with my new operating system (which I believe was Windows Vista).

The printers are perfectly good.  They are in almost perfect condition.  (I’m not sure why a printer wouldn’t be in almost perfect condition, unless you’re dropping it on the floor, using it as a toy for a pet, or keeping it in the garage for your part-time mechanic business.)

Obviously, being the “Selling Queen of Amazon,” I found I could sell both of these printers.  The first is an HP LaserJet 1012.  This is a great little printer.  I have never had a complaint.  When I placed my listing, here’s what I included in the description:

* PRICED WELL BELOW OTHERS FOR FAST SALE * PERFECT CONDITION * Includes a newly printed version of the user guide. Does not include USB cable. New toner cartridge will be needed. The current print driver to work with your operating system can be downloaded from the HP web site.

If you look at the listing, the best other price shown is $73: my price (which is not shown because I sold this) was $59.99.  (A refurbished one is priced at $125.  Full price is $588.97 – which I find hard to believe because I NEVER would have paid that much for it.)

I was very clear to indicate the following:

  • It was the lowest price
  • It was in perfect condition
  • It DID NOT come with the cartridge
  • It DID NOT come with the USB cable
  • It did come with the user guide.  (I printed the user guide from the HP web site, along with some information about where to find the drivers, etc.  My #1 goal for a purchase of this size is to make sure the customer is 100% happy with the transaction.)

I listed this item for sale on Saturday, July 2, 2011: it sold, today, July 5 – less than 48 hours after I listed it. (It probably would have sold sooner – but the 4th of July holiday came into play.)

Decluttering for Dollars - Selling on Amazon - HP Laserjet 1012

Again, because of my commitment to ensure my buyer is 100% satisfied, I purchased a compressed can of air to get it 100% clean, printed the user guide (and other docs), and removed the toner cartridge (because it’s no good and will decrease the shipping price for me).

This is not the first time that something has happened to me when it comes to selling on Amazon.  This is typical, however, of what happens when I put my decluttering to dollars process to work.

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