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Decluttering for Dollars - Time Management - OrganizingFinding time to organize is often a complaint  used by people.  In today’s society, activity is almost non-stop and it IS difficult to see where you can add yet another task to your schedule.  However, there are ways, hidden pockets of time, to accomplish things.  Below I cover a few of these often overlooked free periods.

  • Focus on a little bit at a time.  Rather than thinking about the enormous job at the forefront, split that mission up into controllable tasks. For instance, if you want to organize the boxes in your attic, you may think about going through one box per day, until it’s all complete.
  • Ask Someone to bug you.  Tell a close friend, relative or co-worker, what you plan to organize, and by what date. Then, merely request that person to bug you a small number of days before to see if you’ve completed it so far. A little outside inspiration is frequently an enormous help.
  • Bribe Yourself.  Make something you love to do, dependant on the achievement of today’s chore. If you promise yourself that you will not watch your favorite television program tonight, unless you work for 15 minutes on organizing your paper piles, you’re sure to get that little task completed. No cheating permitted.
  • Do not separate each pending bill. Whatever you do, don’t put your utility bill in one folder, your car insurance bill in another folder and your membership dues bill in another. All imminent bills should be together in an envelope, pocket folder or basket so they can be paid without having to search several different places to find them.
  • Fit in exercise by multi-tasking. Do some calisthenics or ride a stationary bike while watching your favorite television program. Do some easy stretches, while you’re on the telephone and you’re on hold. Waiting for the washing machine or dryer to finish, or waiting for a computer file to download? Now is a great time for some sit-ups or leg lifts!


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