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Fix Your Feng Shui by Decluttering Your Home

feng-shui-air-flow-decluttering-your-homeMost people think decluttering your home means you simply have to tidy things up a bit. Often, however, the definition of “tidying” is to relocate items from one area to another – perhaps a junk drawer or closet.

When you do this type of decluttering, you are moving the blocked energy from space to space. Energy is the life force of Feng Shui. As such, the location of these items you have moved can transfer the problems you have from one area to another. more »

3 Questions to Ask as You Declutter Your Home

Decluttering doesn’t have to be a long and involved process.  Your goal should be one of focus and intention.  Decide ahead of time what you want to accomplish, and stick to the plan to achieve the desired outcome.

One approach that typically helps is the “rule of 3” for decluttering. more »

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Perfect Example Where Decluttering Your Home Uncovers a Gem to Sell on Amazon

In my ongoing battle to deal with my clutter (and, yes: even I have a clutter monster to always try and tame), I noticed I had two printers – both of which had been sitting around for at least 2-3 years.  The only reason I stopped using these printers is because I could not get them to work with my new operating system (which I believe was Windows Vista).

The printers are perfectly good.  They are in almost perfect condition.  (I’m not sure why a printer wouldn’t be in almost perfect condition, unless you’re dropping it on the floor, using it as a toy for a pet, or keeping it in the garage for your part-time mechanic business.)

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