Feng Shui and Bathrooms

Feng Shui - Water Element - Metal Element - Bathroom - AromaShuiMy house was built in 1976.  As such, it has all those 1976 charms such as 12″ x 12″ gold-veined mirrors. I have 4 bathrooms in my home, and the ladies bathroom in the master suite (there’s a separate men’s bathroom), has all 4 walls covered in these gold-veined mirrors.

Here’s why that’s bad:

  • Reason #1. Mirrors are water in Feng Shui.  So if you have them in a bathroom, with a toilet and tub/shower, you now have water and water and more water.  What happens when you are surrounded by water?  You drowned.  That’s what this bathroom is doing to me.  (It doesn’t help either that the bathroom is very small – maybe 6′ x 6′.)
  • Reason #2. This bathroom (and the adjacent one) are in the Fame/Reputation area of my home based upon the bagua.  The color for this area is red, orange, and the element is fire.  In the elemental cycle, water puts out fire.  Thus, the element (fire) that is supposed to “heat up” my career and reputation is being put out by the water.
  • Reason #3. Walking into a room and seeing yourself in a mirror can be startling.  (For me, it’s like plunging into a pool, face first.)  Couple with that the fact that your head (or any part of your body, for that matter) is cut up where each  12″ x 12″ mirror tile is, and the gold-veining covering about 25% of each mirror, your body is a bunch of disjointed pieces (as mine is).
  • Reason #4. Not to be crude but how would you like to look at yourself in the bathroom from all angles.  NOT PRETTY.  It’s the most stressful thing I’ve ever experienced in my life.
  • Feng Shui - Bathroom - Water Element - Metal Element - Fire Element - Chandelier - Before PhotoReason #5. Metal creates water and anything metal is going to add the water situation.  When you think of metals, you think of gold, silver, etc.  There is gold chandelier (more about that, below) hanging from the ceiling.  Plus there is still more gold in the veining on the mirrors.  There is silver for the fixtures (shower head, faucet, toilet handles, etc.
  • Reason #6. Crystals represent water, and guess what? There’s a crystal chandelier.  (I have no idea why there’s a chandelier in the bathroom. Chalk it up to the 1970’s?)

This is my plan to fix the problems:

  • I cannot remove the mirrors because of how they were installed.  So, I must cover them up.  I have some cloth shower curtains that were just sitting around.  I really love to collect dog/cat things and these shower curtains have just those on them in bright colors.  I have two shower curtain tension rods (found those in the garage).  I didn’t have some shower curtain rings, so I went out and bought those.  I plan to put the shower curtains on 2 of the largest, exposed walls.  This will quiet the “in your face” reflection of the mirrors, as well as keep me from seeing myself. It will also soften the room, making it feel cozy.
  • The element that suppresses water is is fire.  Now, I cannot put a fireplace in this room. However, I can put the colors red/orange in this area.  If I was the kind of person who takes baths,  I would get into the tub (more water, oh lord) and light some red candles. (Darn: cannot put a big bonfire in there.)   Since I’m not, I can put in objects that are angular, shapely, or are in pyramid form – as long as they aren’t metal (see the item in this list). My other options include:
    • A small light that is red in color or has a red lamp shade.   While there’s no outlet, I can easily run a small extension cord under the door and up into an outlet so that it runs all the time.
    • In my house, I’m sure I have some other red items and probably a picture that is predominately red.  (I just looked up and noticed I have one of those red totes you put laundry in and such.  Maybe I’ll put that in the bathtub – since I don’t use it) with some red towels rolled up.
    • I also need to hunt around my house and find a picture of either fire or red/orange in color.  (I used to have a 7,000 square foot home so I have TONS of decorative items).
  • I’m going to remove the crystals from the chandelier as well as trying to paint it red (since it’s gold right now and that is a metal color) without taking it down.  (Send me flowers if I fall and break my hip, please.  Make sure they’re red – LOL LOL LOL.)

Whew!  Was that enough information?  If you’re a bit confused, just remember the method I use for Feng Shui:

  • Where is this area located in the bagua?
  • What is happening in my life that falls in line with this area?
  • What is the element, color, and objects that I need to remove and/or need to add.

I am now offering virtual Feng Shui consultations (and yes: it can be done virtually).  Simply send me a photo of the room you want evaluated, and tell me where it is on the Bagua (and I can help you with that if you’re not sure).  Just with that information, I can make recommendations on how this is affecting your life, and what you need to do to change it.  This service is $50 per room. Just drop me an email if you’re interested!

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