My Shipping Approach for Items I Sell on Amazon

I have a busy life – just as you do.  I also don’t have the time to spend no things that are not going to give me what I want.  That’s why selling on Amazon is such a good fit.

I generally check me email all day except between the hours of 10PM and 8AM.    As I move through the day with my planned activities, it is quite common for me to see a sale (or 2 or 3 or more) occur for an item I have on sale on Amazon.  It’s a simply notification that goes into my Inbox, giving me all the details of the sale.   In reality, this is my queue to log into my Amazon seller account, and begin the shipping process.

I have developed a pattern that seems to work well for me, while keeping my buyers happy.

  1. For certain items that I believe *may* be harder to sell than others, I offer a 24-hour shipping guarantee or I refund $1 to the buyer.  I make it clear that this excludes any shipping on Sunday.  (Yes: you can ship on Saturday since everything you ship using Amazon’s built-in shipping functionality goes through the US Postal Service.)   I review the email I received to see if this sale is included in my $1 offer.  If so, I stop what I’m doing and get the item ready to ship.   Technically, when I print out the order, Amazon deems it as shipped.  In reality, the package may not get to a mailbox until the next day.  (That’s a whole other discussion.)
  2. If I have multiple sales in one day, I prepare them all at the same time – generally the next morning.  I find morning is best for me because at night I’m simply too tired and I’m afraid I will make a mistake. (It’s only happened once – where I sent the wrong book to someone.)
  3. Pumpkin BrockI make sure I have all my shipping supplies stocked, in place, etc.  My biggest problem is that one of my cats likes to sleep in my large envelope box. Yes: that is her in the picture over there.  Look how sweet and innocent she is…that is until I try to coax her out of her napping location.  Many a scar I have to show for my escapes with her.   (Her latest attraction if the shipping tape on the tape gun.  I’m just waiting for her tongue to get stuck and figure out how to get that situation untangled!)
  4. I know where my closest mailboxes are located.  I have a few in shopping mall parking lots, a couple right outside a post office, and one on a road leading into a business park.  I don’t make a special trip out to mail these packages since I am usually out at least once a day.  Depending on where I am going determines which drop-off location I use.

Honestly, it really isn’t that time consuming.  In fact, I actually feel a great sense of joy with this process because I am turning over something that once meant something to me to someone else to enjoy..and being paid to do it.  Wouldn’t that make you feel great as well?

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