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How Product Reviews Affect Selling on Amazon

Imagine you’re looking to buy something on Amazon: a book,  a CD, a toaster, a pool part, whatever.  You are generally going to read the views before you buy.   And, typically, if something has bad reviews across the board, you’ll move onto the next option.

How does that affect what you sell on Amazon?  Quite simply, if someone is going to bypass a product because of the bad reviews, they are never going to see that you have it for sale. more »

Anyone Can Sell on Amazon…Even You!

Probably the most common response I hear from people when I tell them about how much money I make selling on Amazon is, “I don’t know how to sell” or “that’s going to take me too long”.  While the person uttering these words may think that’s true, let me tell you why it isn’t.

  • Selling on Amazon is not like being a door knocking, cold call phoning sales person.  There are no customers you have to face.  There’s no beating the pavement everyday.   You never even have to pickup a phone or send an email.  You simply list your item for sale and wait for the buyer to make a purchase. more »

Managing the Inventory You Sell on Amazon

I just love summer.  Most people think that spring-cleaning is done in the spring. Not for me: I do mine in the summer. “Why?” you might be asking.

Here in Atlanta come early May, it can simply too hot to go outside, especially between the hours of 3-6 PM.  In Spring, the weather is beautiful, the earth is awakening, and the temperature is mild and cool. That’s when I want to be outside – all day, every day. more »